About the Owner

I'm Keiva, the Owner of Jolie Jambes Athletics. I want you to know that JJA is not just a business to me. It’s a message, a dream, an adventure, and a daily reminder to me and all the women who JJA reaches that self-love is not selfish; it is essential!

JJA was born in the summer of 2019, during my greatest time of stress and struggle. I was juggling being a mother of two, a full-time career woman, and a full- time gym rat. I was also in the dark days of ending a 12-year marriage.  I had always quietly daydreamed about opening an apparel boutique.  Somehow, those quiet daydreams turned into ideas, and ideas turned into plans.  JJA was my mental escape from things that were hard to think about. One recurring theme in my thoughts was self-care, self-love, accepting myself, and focusing on the parts of my body that felt good to me.

I am a native New Orleanian, so I adore (J’adore) the French language.  Since I was on my new path to self-love and self-acceptance, I decided to pay homage to my favorite body part, my pretty legs!  The phrase “Jolie Jambes” means “pretty legs” in French, and it also has a sexy ring to it!   As women, we focus mostly on the negative aspects of our bodies…this part is too big, this part is too small, etc etc.  At JJA, we want to remind women to remain focused on the positive aspects of themselves, both physical and mental. 

I launched JJA as an online boutique in February, 2020, offering athletic and athleisure wear for the strong, stylish, and fit or fit(ish) woman!  At JJA, we hope our unique mix of style and comfort in both our activewear and leisurewear will inspire you to accept yourself as you live your BEST LIFE! 

Throughout the JJA boutique, you’ll see hints of my personality, including my love of bold and bright colors, sexy accents (I’m sexy for ME y’all!), and a genuine love of living an active life!

Mission Statement
Jolie Jambes Athletics embodies the “She’s a beauty and BEAST” mantra! In a world where women are embracing and harnessing their inner strength, our mission is to support that movement fully and unapologetically.
JJA offers the goal-getters of the world stylish and comfortable activewear. And for the days that the goal is to relax and recharge, we offer loungewear and athleisurewear. We strive to provide quality and comfort at a stylishly affordable price!
Giving Back
Shortly after Jolie Jambes Athletics launched its online boutique, the COVID-19 pandemic ravished the U.S. I thought that surely my fledgling business venture that I had worked so hard to build would not survive. But like me, JJA is resilient!
We quickly added low price face coverings, without forsaking style,
to our online offerings, giving 10% of all sales to the Houston Food Bank in partnership with the Food from the BAR association. So far, JJA has donated $400 to the food bank! At JJA, we feel great to be a locally owned, small business who can give back to the community in this desperate time of need.
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